Bellevue East Football Stadium
Every night at 7pm 
July 19-22

 All Together is an event designed to rally the Church.  In all the racial tensions spilling out across our country, so many voices are being heard across our country except the voice of the church.  This event is designed for the church to come together in unity and speak with one voice that the the good news of Jesus is the answer to racism across our country.  Our speaker Adrian Burden is an international evangelist who is coming to address these issues from a biblical Christian perspective.  

     The event is July 19-22 every evening at 7:00 p.m.  Sponsors include:  Christ for the City, Pinnacle Forum, Brookside Church, King of Kings Church, Lifespring church, Harvest church, Omaha Reformed church, Set Me Free Project, Empty Tomb Ministires and Offut Protestant Chapel.  More are joining every day.  Come for this time of celebration, worship, edification and challenge as the Church rises to share the answer of Jesus to the world.